Lil' Sprouts Hatching Eggs - (4 Pack) ~ Watch Them Grow Overnight

  • One Chick, One Frog, One Easter Bunny Rabbit & One Duck Per Order
  • Egg Cracks and Birth Begins in 24 Hrs - Continues to Grow in Water
  • Keep Them in Water & Watch Them Grow Bigger!
  • Perfect Grow in Water Animals-Everybody Loves Animals that Grow in Water
  • After a Couple Days You can Help Them Hatch or Let Them Hatch on Their Own

Put them in Water Overnight and Watch them Grow for Days!! Lil' Sprouts - Watch 4 Unique Magic Pets Hatch from their Different Colored Eggs- Lil' Sprouts are Much More Exciting than other Growing Dinosaurs and Growing Animals! Eggs Really Hatch! DIRECTIONS: Place Egg in Water and within 1 Day Egg will Crack and Begin to Hatch. Over the Next Few Days, a Baby Pet will Begin to Hatch Out. If You Keep The Eggs in Water, The Spring Animals Will Grow Bigger and Bigger and Bigger. They Begin the Size of a Quarter and We Have Grown Ours as Big as 8 Inches! Once You Take them Out of the Water, They Will Begin to Shrink. Then Put Them Back and Watch Them Grow!! For This Set You Will Receive one Chicken, one Frog, one Rabbit & One Duck. Place Eggs in Water. Within 1-2 Days your egg will begin to crack. Each day, change the water. The Easter Pet will continue to grow out of its egg shell. Animal will keep growing up to 5-10x its size eventually if you leave it in the water. When the pet hatches, rinse the pet off as it will be slippery, and either play with it or add it to your collection, or place it back in clean water and watch it continue to grow each day. Btw A Crack in an Egg During Shipping Doe Not Affect Product Working Appropriately! Animals that Grow in Water Are Gaining Tremendous Popularity