Kangaroo's Professional Grade Liquid Latex Makeup, 16 Oz Pint

  • 4 Fl Oz / 116 Ml - Kangaroo Liquid Latex
  • Perfect for Halloween, Raves, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras or Just Getting Crazy
  • Perfect For Serious Halloween Costumes And Theater Costumes
  • Highest Quality Liquid Latex Sourced From Top Beauty Make Up Creators
  • Made In The USA - All Natural - No Chemicals Or Harmful Ingredients

This 16 Oz Bottle Of Clear Liquid Latex Will Sure Be The Best Bottle You Ever Buy. It Applies The Best; It Dries The Best. It Looks The Best. It Feels The Best. Try Us. This Is High Quality As Opposed To Cheap Bottles That Give You Halloween Liquid Latex Only Quality.