Kangaroo's Original Super Cool Slime (3-Pack)

  • Moves Like A Liquid But Feels Like A Solid; Fantastic Birthday Party Favors Ideas
  • Our 3 Pack Includes 3 - 4 " Canisters of Slime
  • All 3 Slimes Are Different Tones - Multi-color Metallic Looking Slime
  • Slime Comes in Blue/Orange, Purple/Blue, Green/Pink
  • Original 'Super Cool Slime' - Not Like Anything You've Ever Touched!

There is no Slime on Earth or Possibly Even on Other Planets that Compares to Kangaroo's "Original... Super Cool Slime" Original Super Cool slime comes in 3 colors and each color separates into different colors. Slime feels cold and wet to the touch but leaves no messy residue. Not available anywhere else in the milky way. The only place other than Amazon and a few select stores is the Andromeda Galaxy and a few shops in the Triangulum Galaxy which would take you roughly 2,723,000 years traveling at the speed of light- however with your Amazon prime you should get within a couple days. Also our Slime is the only Slime in the Universe that although it feels wet & gooey, there is no residue on your hands and no need to WASH THEM!