Kangaroo's Halloween Accessories - Zombie Queen Wig

  • Long Gray Wig Works with Zombie Costumes for Women; Great for Zombie Costume Girls
  • Long Zombie Wig; Best in Wigs For Costume Parties; Favorite Zombie Wigs For Women
  • Zombie Girl Wig; Gray Long Wig; Wig for Zombie Costume for Women; Girls Zombie Costume Wig
  • Grey Long Wig Perfect For Zombie Halloween Costumes for Women
  • Girl Zombie Costume Wig; Zombie Girl Costume Wig; Zombies Wig; Great for Zombie Costumes for Teen Girls

Thinking about being a zombie this Halloween? Or a queen? Why not both! Our
Zombie Queen Wig is the perfect wig for those looking for a unique costume
this Halloween. Pair this wig with undead zombie makeup and be crowned the
next Zombie Queen. Includes one Zombie Queen Wig in silver.