Kangaroo's Cotton Navy Blue Adult Train Engineer Hat (Unisex); Conductor Hat

  • 100% Cotton Navy Blue Adult Train Conductor Hat
  • One Size Conductor Hat Fits Men and Women & Older Kids With Larger Heads Or Loosely
  • Factory Sealed In Poly Bag Like All Kangaroo Hats
  • Conductor Cap is Great for Conductor or Train Engineer Costume, Plays, Halloween or Actual on the Job Wear
  • Great for Polar Train Rides - Off to the North Pole

Whether your dressing up for Halloween or an office party or doing a school play or professional theatrical production or using this for PR and marketing, this navy blue conductor hat with faux leather visor, metal bolts and faux leather strap is for you. Like all Kangaroo hats, this one comes factory sealed in a poly bag. All hats on Amazon come in a poly bag- please pay attention to the words factory sealed. That means no human handled them with their dirty hands to place them in the bag. Which means your hat is not being placed in a bag already dirty and covered in fingerprints on your adult Conductor Cap.