Kangaroo Spirit Gum(0.25 fl. Oz.) & Remover (0.5 fl. Oz.) Combo Pack

  • Classical Theatrical Adhesive. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Highest Quality Spirit Gum And Remover On The Market
  • Spirit Gum Is Used For Adhering Facial Hair, Wigs & Mustache And Beards And Other Costume Prosthetics
  • Removes Easily With Spirit Gum Remover Formula
  • Halloween Makeup Package Includes 1 1/4 oz Bottle Of Spirit Gum And 1 1/2 Ounce Bottle Of Spirit Gum Remover

Commonly Sold For Theater & Halloween, You Can Find Spirit Gum Products All Over The Internet Cheaply Made And Mass Produced In China. Kangaroo's Professional Spirit Gum & Remover Is What Professional Haunters & Theaters Use For Its Extreme High Quality. It Is Made In The USA. It Is Poured In Brooklyn New York By Some Of The Finest Makeup Designers In The USA.