Kangaroo Mega Sticker Variety Pack - 2500 Stickers!

  • 2500 Stickers per Order; Assorted Tear & Share Styles; 1.5", Perforated so No Messy Tears
  • 2500 Stickers Bulk Purchase: 100 Stickers per Roll, 25 Rolls
  • Sticker Rolls Include; Jungle Animal Stickers, Dinosaur Stickers, Dog & Cat Stickers...
  • Fish Stickers, Bug and Insect Stickers, Stars Stickers or Teacher Stickers
  • Some Rolls of Stickers Include A Few Rolls of Happy Birthday Stickers Or Kids Party Stickers

2500 Bulk Stickers on A Sticker Roll; 25 Sticker Rolls; 100 per Roll. Includes Jungle Animals or Safari Animals, Dinosaurs, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Aqualife, Insects, Bugs, Party, Happy Birthday, Stars,