Giant Stuffed Rabbit, Bunny Plush; Over 5 Feet High, 7' Standing with Ears Extended

  • 5 Foot Bunny Plush Toy Rabbit; Best of All Bunnies Plush
  • 60" Plush Bunny; Giant Stuffed Bunny
  • Certified Stuffed Animals and Easter Plush Animals Manufacturer- Kangaroo
  • This Plush Bunny Is Soft And Cuddly; Great Stuffed Animals

Out of All the Plush Toys on thre Market, Our Plush Animals and Plush Bunnies are Always the Most Popular! Plush Animals Are Great Gifts For Kids and Gifts For Toddlers. Toys For Kids Are Fun. Toys For Boys & Toys For Girls Make The Year Special. This Little GIRLS TOYS is Sure to Please!