Kangaroo's Two-Bite 4' Giant Donut Inner Tube, Pool Float

  • Original Kangaroo Two-Bite Doughnut Pool Float
  • Kangaroo Pool Floats Made Of Highest Quality .25MM Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Our Donut Has Two Bites; Two Bites Are Better Than One!
  • 49" , Over 4 Ft - Inflatable Inner Tube Raft; Pool Float
  • Two-Bite Donut Pool Float Is Fun For Kids Of All Ages & Adults!

Made Of Extra Thick, Durable, Heavy Duty .25MM Vinyl. Raft is Fun For All Ages Under Adult Supervision. Inner Tube Pool Float Is Slightly Over Four Feet In Diameter When Fully Inflated; This Gigantic Raft is The Original Kangaroo Two-Bite Donut Float. One of The Best Inner Tubes For Water. Donut Inner Tube or Doughnut Inner Tube. Still Looks Tasty No Matter How You Say It!